Dr. Jart+’s model Park Han Byul

Dr. Jart+

Brand Identity: Dr. + art

Dr. Jart+ provides solutions to individuals based on doctors’ expertise and artistic emotions.

We are Specialists

We are professionals who study skin care. 

Our products are safe for even customers with sensitive skin, because we build our products with doctors’ expertise and artistic creativity.

Our design and culture are what make us different.

We are Innovators

We are revolutionaries who pursue new changes.

We strive to provide something new, something that did not exist, something creative that everyone will “wow,” and something innovative that will surprise everyone.

We are Adventurers

We are adventurers that travel all over the world.

We expand globally so that everyone out there can experience Dr. Jart+.
Our adventure will continue until everyone in the world becomes a fan of Dr. Jart+.
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