Time Travel with Mickey Mouse
The special edition of retro mood,
bringing your memories back

the precious moment of time travel
connect your old times and memories without a time machine
where there is a mickey mouse, there are pleasant memories


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02 Harp Orgel, 03 Happy Snowball


Highly pigmented color lip balm in soft-jelly type.
It softly glides on your lips and helps to create watercolor lip makeup

#Play Blind
Toned down coral gives you a vintage mood as the color itself has been spotlighted under the sunlight

– Jelly color balm: elastomer powder provides unique touches just like you are touching jelly
– Soft blur coating poweder: This powder provides you with seamless and blurry effect to your lips and hleps to achieve high-adherence and longer lasting lip makeup
-Lively lip make up: Unique colors from diverse moods softly melt and create blurry effect over the lips

About the Brand

Stylenanda is a K-beauty and fashion love brand of Asian Gen Z & Millennials around the world via well-established O2O platforms. Established in 2004. the company first started-off as a 1st generation fashion online.com in South Korea then launched its makeup brand 3CE in 2009 to complete the Nanda girl’s look.

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