Nude H&Cream 000


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Tambouines signature,
Still light, elevated air, soil and roots
The elevated air felt in the vast earth, the still light in it, and the singature fragrance 000 of Tambourins remind of the deel and calm movement of the soil and roots, which means the circulation of nature.
The coolness of bergamot that rubs the tip of the nose at the moment of application, the patchy reminiscent of the soil with moisture, and the sandalwood that sits heavily, reminds us of the vitality of the earth when you hold a freshly picked wildflower in your arms. The nature reverberation left on my skin is remembered as my own special 000.
Tambourine’s Nude H & C Cream is a vegetable oil that has excellent skin affinity, strengthens the skin barrier and penetrates quickly. The clean, non-sticky texture keeps your hands free to use at any time, and leaves your skin soft like velvet.
Nudity H & Cream 000 250ml is a product that flows smoother that the 30, 65ml formulations, and is suitable for both hands and body use.

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