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All-in-One full makeup contains 5 cosmetics in one kit!
A package is consisted of a shopping bag, packing box,
Blessed Moon KIT (Foundation, Blush, Eyeshadow, Lipstick), Brush and Eyeliner

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A multi-kit with 6 different products including solid foundation, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, and eyeliner.

The kit includes 6 different kinds of makeup as well as brushes and a mirror. This All-in-One “It-Item” has collected the Top 6 Women Collection products all in one place. This Kit comes with minimal sized products that do not require the use of a makeup pouch. You can easily replace the easy-to-use refill kit with your favorite makeup products.

> Peanut and coconut brown color Eye Shadow
Backed powder eye shadow. fluffy and soft cream type shadow.
> Elegant Rose Cheek
Start with light oil, end up with a light touch
> Tone downed plum-pink lip
Matte on the outside inside is moisturizing. perfect mat lip
> Concealer
Going to make it smooth from the inside as natural as your skin.
> Black Eye Liner
An easy-to-directed perfect waterproof pencil eyeliner
> Dual Makeup Blush
for the touch of the skin without irritation


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About the Brand

blessed moon
blessed moon
The blessed moon desires to embrace the natural beauty of women all over the world. From skincare routine to makeup, the blessed moon tries to make every step easy and simple with an innovative attitude.


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