Food a Holic Natural Essence Mask Red Ginseng


Nutrition supply, skin vitality – Red Ginseng Natural Essence Mask * 10 sheets

Food A Holic Red GinsengMask improves the flexibility of the skin to keep it soft, and it has excellent exfoliating effects for a healthy face.
Food A Holic Natural Essence Mask provides a long-lasting moisturizing feeling with the silky texture and excellent adhesion of a 3D three-dimensional natural pulp mask.

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#01 most brown, #02 petal de rose


  • Red Ginseng Natural Essence Mask
    Containing red ginseng extract helps skin metabolism and helps to make damaged skin shiny and healthy.
  • How to use
    After cleansing the skin, align the sheet from the eyes, and fix it all over the face.
    Remove the mask after 20-30 minutes, pat the remaining liquid lightly for absorption, and prepare the skin according to the basic care procedure.
    TIP-The effect is even better if you use it regularly 1~3 times a week.
    Summer: If you keep it in the refrigerator as it is in sealed packaging and use it cool, it has an excellent refreshing feeling.
    Winter: Soak in warm water at 50-60`C as it is in sealed packaging.


  • Precautions
    Do not reuse the mask once used
    Be careful not to get into your eyes when using


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About the Brand

As a brand that has only produced mask packs, well known for a three-dimensional mask pack produced with unique technology. It is a leader in k-clean beauty by sticking to only natural pulp materials.


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