LUCALAB Archive Refill Slim Planner Vocabulary


When buying a new vocabulary book is burdensome,
When carrying both diary and vocabulary books is heavy
Use the Luka Lab Slim Vocabulary Refill Inlay
Record every day and make your own study habits.


Additional information


01 Calathea, 02 Sansevieria, 03 Tirucalli, 04 Euphorbia, 05 Dollar Vine, 06 Horombense


Archive Refill Slim Planner Vocabulary to Make Study Habits

  • size: 105mm x 85mm


About the Brand

Starting with 6-ring Hologram diary, LUCALAB is the designer brand making a planner combined fashion and diary.
LUCALAB is the original design stationery brand, beyond the trendy and practical planner, encompassing refill note
famous for various color and substance, masking tape, memo, and gel stick pen so loved by bullet journalists for the variety of products, especially diary.
We would continue to grow to reward for your interests and love, with more diverse and practical products.


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