Nude H & Cream 218 – Spicy that spreads intensely


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Tamburins, K-Beauty
Spicy flavour that spreads intensely
With the spicy flavor of cardamom, ine if the spices, it is a strong yet unique fragrance that expresses the familiar sweetness of lime and the deep warmth of amber. You can feel the neutral charm that is thickened for a long time.



Pocket hand cream
The unique beauty of Tamburins Nude H & Cream is packed in a pocket size. It is easy to carry with its compact size that fits in your hand, and makes your hands moist and shiny anytime, anywhere. Feel the beautiful hands with the sensuous scent of tamburins and plenty of moisture.
Silky texture with strong moisturizing power
218 and 421 with small egg-shaped lids are specially formulated higly moisturizing hand creams from Tamburins.The rich nutrients of eggs coat your hands with a silky texture and moisturizing feeling, making them suitable for use in autumn and winter. Feel your hands softened like velvet.







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30ml, 65ml


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