Nude H & Cream 712 -Devils in Heaven



Tamburins, Devils in Heaven
Intense beauty from the opposite mix of innocence and decadence
It is an attractive scent that expresses the inner sexyness hidden in a woman’s pure and clear exterior. The soft, glamorous osmanthus clarity in the first scent and the decadent scent of tobacco that remains thick express curiosity for a woman with a variety of charms. The opposing mix of innocence and decadence brings a new and intense beauty.
Galvanum | Intense yet bitter scent of grass
Copahu | The dry scent of old bark
Patchouli | Moisst and thick earthy scent
Moist and clean texture
The skin-friendly vegetable oils strenthen the skin barrier, giving dry and dry hands a velvety-soft touch. The main infredient, macadamia seed oil, has a structure similar to that of the skin, so it quickly penetrates into the skin and provides moisture with a clean, non-sticky texture.








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