OhMyGim Sea Salt & Spicy


Hand-picked top quality pristine Korean Gim, 100% Korean bay salt from UNESCO biosphere reserves, and Korean’s renowned perilla oil for healthy skin.

How and when to eat? As a diet food 23kcal, or at study to boost concentration and mood, socially with alcohol, or purely as finger food and certainly the best snack option for the children’s lunch box.







OhMyGim - Sea Salt & Spicy


Name: Sea Slat & Spicy
Category: Seaweed Snack
SizeL 100 * 171 mm
Weight: 4g
Sales unit: 4 packets
Valid until: 1 year from manufactured date
*Please store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sun light.


Hand-picked top qulity pristine Korean Gim 100%

About the Brand

OMG-Oh!My Gim reflects our clear vision of being the artisan product of modern seaweed snacks

Our research for the best seaweed took us to over 100 seaweed farms, and through 200 formulations, constantly refining and improving the product. Our ingredients are hand-picked Korean seaweed, Korean bay sal from UNESCO biosphere reserves, and many more top-quality ingredients from natural resources. Our seaweeds are rich with MINERALS and VITAMINS ranging from Vitamins A to Omega to Z. We have none of the bad stuff that comes in snacking such as GMO< preservatives or gluten.

The reason we are who we are is because we believe in ourselves and our vision of seaweed. We have only strong, healthy ambitions and are following our dream of bringing seaweed to the world. OMG is close to nature, nutritious, and above all, delicious snacks, and the perfect product for our discerning followers. We hope to inspire you to live a healthier, happier, and enhanced lifestyle!


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