VT X BTS LATELIER des SUBTILS Eau de Coton (50ml)


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A day full of spring sunshine, the moment you recall your pure first love.

l’Atelier des subtils eau de coton is the combination of rose, blackcurrant and violet delivers the cozy scent of cotton and the delicate smell of flowers at the same time. feel the romantic mood, just like with your pure first love.


Top notes: blackcurrant, bergamot, apple, melon
Middle notes: jasmine, rose, plum, violet
Bottom notes: sandalwood, cedarwood, white musk

About the Brand

The VT cosmetics is a K-beauty leading brand presenting K-beauty in trend with innovative skin science technology, sensational color, and stylish design. This collection is inspired by BTS, beloved by their dance moves, esthetic, and skin.

Made with Frederic Burdine. working as the chief researcher of Guerlain and the LVMH Research Center, Frederic Burtin has been acquiring specialized knowledge for a long time. Frederic Burtine and the creative la EXPERIS have been developing unique products and textures for overseas brands including brand D.


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